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“Living and Working Ethically for fulfilling our commitments to the  customer through  qualitative and innovative technology "

We are committed to deliver our best to the complete customer satisfaction by continual improvement and effectiveness of the quality management system for continuing suitability.

Founded in the year 1998 by young technocrat entrepreneurs and support of innovative promoters highly dedicated and practically experienced in the field of Power Electronics for applications in the fields of Telecommunication, consumer electronics and defense Silicon Technologies has grown from a design and technology transfer organization to a design and manufacturing organization .

Silicon Technologies is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company for Design, Manufacture, Supply & Service. Silicon started operations in Bangalore right from its inception. The company today is known for its quality products of standard and custom SMPS, DC to DC Converters, SMPS based AC to DC Adaptors & SMPS based intelligent Battery Chargers from 1 watt to 1 kilowatts. This was only possible by adhering to the concept that any one can develop a product, but ultimately the one who develops a reliable product at the right time and saleable price than others is the real winner of course with the help of the dedicated team.

Silicon's expertise in engineering and manufacturing power systems extends from the Open Frames to low profile Modules. We have got a full fledged lab for developing new products headed by a team of professionals with an ability to develop products complying with any national and international standards along with the necessary certifications required. Our experienced Production Engineers are constantly seeking new and even better possibilities for improving our manufacturing processes for our products. We pride ourselves in meeting Technical and commercial challenges, coupled with a strategy designed to manufacture High Quality products at the best possible cost to facilitate our customer's need.

The convergence of Telecommunications and Information Technology, globalization of our customers, price pressure, decrease of time to market, internet impact and high customer requirements in logistics are the main drivers of today’s technology markets. We are ready not only to adjust our company to the external conditions but also to develop new trends in technology for the upcoming years. Our Power Supplies finds applications in some of the following equipments viz. XDSL, Broadband Wireless (WLL and LMDS), Cellular/PCS, FWTS, Fiber applications, TDMA, Medical & IT apart from PLCC, PLC, CNC, and CATV etc. Many of our products are used in UL, CE compatible equipments & some of them have been approached for certifications. We adhere with various criteria & procedures as per the rules & guidelines laid in the respective standards. All the products we design & produce have a minimum MTBF of over 50,000 hrs contributed by the use of components from reputed sources & good design. We have the facility for testing the products for full operating range & conditions as per any specifications so as to ensure that the product is free from manufacturing flaws when it reaches the customer. We interact with our customers for their custom built requirements of standard or non-standard designs irrespective of the quantity & follow-up with our wide vendor base for developing any such non-standard tool/equipments with in a reasonable notice of time.

Silicon Technologies is committed to ensure the widest reach & excellent support to customer service by maintaining consistency with continuous product improvement irrespective of the business the customer brings us. It is this commitment to quality that has not only helped us in retaining the customers but also in exploiting and innovating greener pastures for continuous technical improvement.

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